1. This question paper consists of 150 objective type questions, to be completed in maximum 2 hrs 30 min.
  2. Each question carries 1 mark and there is no negative marking.
  3. This paper has 5 parts:


    PartI : Child Development and Pedagogy (Q. Nos. 1-30)


    Part II : Language I (English) (Q. Nos. 31-60)


    Part III: Language II (Hindi) (Q. Nos. 61-90)


    Part IV: Mathematics (Q. Nos. 91-120) and

    Part V: Environmental Studies (Q. Nos. 121-150).

The Act which is concerned with persons with disability is

  • A. PWD Act ,1995
  • B. PWD Act, 1997
  • C. PWD Act, 1992
  • D. PWD Act, , 1990
  • Explanation : The persons with disabilities (Equal Opportunities,Protection of Rights and Full Participation)Act, 1995 has come into enforcement on 7th February,1996. This law is an important landmark and is a significant step in the direction to ensure equal opportunities for people with disabilities and their full participation in the nation building.
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